Sunday, March 15, 2009

Future Schmuter.....

Have you ever wished that you knew what the future held for you? Well, let me tell you knowing what the future holds is totally overrated!

Tonight I saw what the future is going to be like in mmmh lets say about 10 years, and let me tell you it's not pretty.

Screaming, stomping upstairs, doors slamming, crying and claims that this is the worst day of her life, that I'm a horrible mother and I never want her to be happy and I'm mean to everybody.... Wow it was something

To add to this Rourke was crying non-stop and didn't know what he wanted (let me tell you, telling a tired child that it's ok you know they are crying cause they are tired is not, let me repeat that it's is NOT a good idea).

What I do know is there is no way Riley is going to be an easy teen, I just hope I'll be able to handle her as well as I did tonight. (even if I have to say so myself, didn't even raise my voice and managed to stick to my guns. ).

On a lighter note, Rourke added to the decorations on display in the house, he brought home 4 new stones (ugly, dirty, muddy stones, one which I'm not even too sure if it is an actual stone or hardened cow dung...). These are now proudly on display next to some of my candles.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The joy of cleaning

I don't know how many of you have tried and succeeded in getting your kids to tidy up. My kids don't particularly like doing it and every time I decree it to be cleaning/tidying day I'm greeted by moans and whining that would impress just about anyone. Then after my usual threads of no playing Mario Kart (Rourke's favorite game to play on the wii) and no more going out to the horses (Riley's favorite thing to do) they sort of give in with somewhat bad grace.... o the joys of having kids :-)

I must say that once they start cleaning they really get into it and I have to watch out as Riley will try to use the dish cloth to wash anything from the floor to the van. For some strange reason Riley wants to wash the car all the time. Now, it may sound like a good idea but when you see what she does you'll understand why we object. Imagine this: big van, little girl and a wet cloth that's all folks she wets the cloth and wipes the bottom of the van with it .... not a pretty picture.

Rourke likes to have things ordered, when cleaning his room he will line everything up on the floor all along the walls of his room, in single file. Pens, cars books soft toys paper.... you name it. .

Another thing they love to clean is the bathroom wall. They love to use their face cloths and bath gel to "wash" the wall. I mean we all know how dirty the wall gets.

So Rourke was washing the wall the other night and then moved on to other things. I found him in the bathroom washing the floor....

Friday, March 6, 2009

A new baby in the family

Matt & Jac's baby, and Thys's little sister, was born today - Ciara Grace Benadé

I have no further details but we are thrilled to have a new member in our family, Riley really is thrilled to at last have a girl cousin. Now, we only hope that we'll be able to meet her one day before she's o lets say 18. Adelaide sure is far away and I don't see us going there any time soon.

So with Ciara's arrival there's only one more baby due any day... the arrival of Richard and Marié's 2nd.

Will keep you posted

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Public Transport

If there is one thing that really pisses me off it's how people seem to forget all basic principals of logic and good manners when it comes to public transport. I mean, it just strikes me as being logical - but would you not think that before you push and shove your way on to the metro that it might be better to wait for those people who are on the metro and who needs to get off to get off first.

Really, these are educated people, all dressed in their power suits acting like my 4 year old. Or they seem to lack basic respect for anyone else and just think of themselves, regardless of who they might walk over in their attempt to get on/off the metro.

Anyway I just thought I would get that off my chest