Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day

This was the kids 1st christmas without any family around, other than their dad and I. I thought they would miss their cousins more but no, they were quite happy with how christmas turned out. It could have something to do with the gifts.

We had a very quiet christmas dinner on Thursday evening, just the four of us. So quiet in fact, I forgot to bring out the crackers. Then I spent the rest of the evening doing the little elves work (lazy little buggers never wrapped the presents). While Brad was sleeping on the couch. He had to sleep on the couch all night to protect the presents / santa from the dogs. I'm glad to report that none of the presents were chewed up or peed on during the night.

Christmas morning started very early 5:30 to be exact! I tried to go and get back in bed after the presents were all opend but that didn't work.

We were going to friends for christmas lunch despite the fact that Rourke has chicken pox (it's not been fun let me tell you) they decided that their youngest is bound to get it at some point. (and we love them for it cause it would have been very boring to stay at home all day). So after doing the turkey we hit the road to Duffel.

Everyone had a great time, the kids got on grand, the parents did as well (why would we not?) and so we got back home at about 21:00. Needless to say Lulu and Duke were very happy to see us, I on the other hand was not so happy to see them as they did their usual trick of destroying everything in sight.... one day when they are really old and decrepid and spend all their time just haning out and not destroying my house I'm sure I'll love them more.

And that was christmas, and we'll have to wait a whole year to do it all again. I wonder who'll be around for next christmas?