Friday, November 28, 2008

Leaving my beloved city behind

We are in the midst of moving from the city (which I love dearly) to the country (dearly loved by Brad & the kids)
As you can imagine, spending time on the computer has taken a serious step or two back on the list of priorities
So until I can find the time/energy to catch you up, spare me a thought as I still have loads to pack

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If this happens at 4 what is going to happen at 16?

The school called Brad today, asking him to please come and collect Rourke from school as his been vomiting and is clearly quite sick.

Fast Forward to his conversation with me:

B: "So the school called and told me that Rourke is sick, been vomiting all over and that I need to go and pick him up"

J: "Really. what the hell is wrong with him, he was dead fine this morning?"

B: "O his perfectly good, nothing wrong with him. Turns out he had a boat race with Fabrice and as a result he vomited all over the show. He did win the race at least"
(boat race is if you both drink the same amount of liquid to see who can drink it the fasted without stopping)
J: "The kid's only 4, don't know what we're going to do with him when his 16"

That's right folks my 4 year old son is having boat races at school until he vomits but is very proud about the fact that not only did he win the race he also got to spend the rest of the school day at Ouma's house.

Wonder what he's going to get up to tomorrow.......

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Child of our time

The following conversation took place in the van while driving home after watching Brad play rugby:

Me: (to the other adults in the van) "I'm sure these kids are going to sleep like logs tonight, what with all the running around they did today"
Brandon: (my brothers kid, aged 6) " Not me, I've got so much energy left I can run home from here."
Me: "Really?"
Brandon: " Ja (yes) but you'll just have to give me the gps so I will now where to turn left and where to turn right"