Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My frustration levels are SOOOO high at the moment it's not even funny. It's been the afternoon from hell!!!

  1. Our train just did not arrive... not early, not late NOT AT ALL!
  2. The next train was only in 1 hour
  3. I have to talk to Riley 6 times before she maybe listens
  4. Rourke tried to steal a chocolate in the shop

Really can you blame me for feeling like I need a whole bottle of wine, never mind a glass. Brad is leaving for 3 weeks in South Africa in the morning and if this is what they are going to be like for the entire time I might just become an alcoholic.

So excuse me if I try to calm down and relax before my very had working husband comes home to a bitch of a wife on his last night at home.... not how I envisioned tonight.