Friday, December 26, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Credit Crunch.... affecting everyone

Riley had been lamenting all year long about the fact that she still had all her teeth while her cousin and friends at school all started losing theirs. She would make us feel them every other day trying to talk us into telling here that they are lose.Then, all at once she had not one, not two but four loose teeth. The front four.

Last Saturday morning her dad asked to feel them and the next moment he had pulled both of the bottom ones. After a couple of tears over the blood she was totally thrilled about it. Every phone call or person who we saw or spoke to had to be informed of the loss and she would show her gap off with pride. She was a bit disappointed when she realized that she was no longer able to bite her finger nails (something I'm thrilled about).Come night time we put the teeth in her slippers, one in each for the Tooth Fairy to find and reward her for.

Fast Forward to Sunday morning................

A very excited Riley came running down the stairs waving her money in the air,

"Look look what the Tooth Fairy left me, all this money." and then

"This money smells like The Bok"I was starting to think that she might have woken up when her dad came home from work and put the money in her slippers.

"All money stinks, cause so many people touch it." " Anyway do you think daddy is the Tooth Fairy?" I asked her.

" No" was her reply still frowning.

"Well how do you think it is that the money smells like The Bok then, maybe it's just other money"

"No I know that money is out of daddy's wallet, I saw it in there, the one has a little mark on it." "What do you think happened then?"

" I think the Tooth Fairy didn't have enough money so she had to get some out of daddy's wallet"

It seems even Riley is aware of the credit crunch, damn kids of today, can't keep anything from them for longAnd that was it, she had solved the mystery of the Tooth Fairy's money smelling like The Bok all by herself.....

Long live the legend of the Tooth Fairy. Now we just have to wait and see if she'll recognize her dad this year when he makes his annual appearance as Santa.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Getting Settled

Wow what a week, we moved all our stuff (and you would not believe how much stuff we have) into the new house in the rain and snow. Let me tell you it's not the best weather for moving house. However, I have the worlds greatest husband who worked his tail off to get us into the house by Saturday night despite having to work at the pub as well. So last Sunday my mom (who's a god sent) and I started the huge job of unpacking and finding a spot for everything.

Now it's Saturday night and we have a fire blazing, furniture to sit on, my computer up and running and the boxes, well all I can say is "out of sight out of mind" . That is until I need something in one of those boxes....but a girl needs some down time too.

It's great having all this extra space but believe it or not, I'm finding myself thinking that we should have gotten a bigger house. I know, crazy. I've gone from living in a 2 bedroom apartment with a tiny kitchen to a huge old farm house with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets, a huge kitchen and laundry you'd think that we'd have ample space for all our stuff.

But I'm starting to get cold and the fire and beckoning so I'll have to tell you more about the house some other time.