Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cold and wet in Brussels / Warm and sunny in Portugal

I'm totally knackered! Can't even explain why since I slept for more than 12 hours solid, and no, before for you say it's from too much sleep that is not true. I've been averaging about 5 hours sleep everyday and then 10 hours at the office. Meaning, the one thing I don't have is too much sleep.

Brad just called me to tell me that he has spent most of the afternoon sitting next to the pool enjoying the sun. He is in Portugal on rugby tour. Just the fact that he is there is making me quite happy cause I've earned 100 euros. Some of the rugby guy's were so sure that he was never to go away on tour with them they actually made a bet with me. Hence the fact that I was very keen to let him go. But to be fair, I spent 2 weeks in Punta Cana so a weekend in Portugal is nothing.

The kids are also not too upset that he is away, as this means that hey are allowed to sleep in our bed with me. The have been complaining quite a bit the last while cause they never get to sleep there. It was such a treat for them I didn't have the slightest problems getting them to go to bed. They must have been rather tired as well cause they were asleep within about 5 min.

Tomorrow, if the weather is better (it's been cold and pouring with rain the last couple of days) I'm planning on taking them to the St. Anthony's Faire, which should be fun for them. I'm sure that if there is face painting the Tiger will want a Spider man face. Even Riley is starting to wonder why he always wants the same thing painted on his face.

Anyway, the Euro Cup football is not proving to be too exciting so I think I'll be off to bed and try to catch up on some more sleep.