Thursday, September 27, 2007

My own blog at long last

So, at last we are up and running. Well maybe I shouldn't say running yet, better first see if I can find enough to write about.

I'm also not so sure that this is a good thing, as it is I find myself spending way to long in the internet at night while I should be sleeping or even more productive and do the ironing rather than finding things to iron in the morning when we have nothing but time on our hands, well that is in between feeding the kids and the cat, dressing the kids (which any parent of a 5 year old girl and a nearly 3 year old boy will be able to tell you (I hope) can take ages even if they picked their clothes the night before). Not even this, seems to deter me. What is it that I spend hours on the net with at night? I have no idea, just random surfing and before you know it it's 01:03 and I'm still up.

Rourke did something to the tv this morning, meaning that he pressed some buttons and not his father (and later was I to find out), nor me, could do anything to get it sorted. (there was no school for them today, something to do with celebrating being French speaking, I'm not totally sure, so my dear son decided to make a couple of changes while his dad was not watching him) anyway, when we got home tonight there was no tv and I must admit we had fewer arguments than usual. I did manage to sort it all out again but now I'm wondering how long I can keep them under the impression that the tv's not working?

I would just also like to mention that I managed to get Riley to eat all of her supper tonight and she liked it, all of it. What is this magic food that did the trick you may be asking yourself, nothing other than Royco's chicken, cup a soup. I mean she just could not get enough of it, even asked for more and told me that I should definitely buy some more of it cause "it's delicious!" If only it was this easy every night....

I must say I'm thrilled that it's weekend tomorrow, this has been one long week. I'll be so glad to be doing a different shift at work next week cause this new shift really did my head in this week. Just way too much paper work to be properly organized and the fact that I only had 3 day's training on it didn't help much either.

Well look at the time, see once again I've spent too much time on the net and still haven't done any of the ironing but at least I can say "this is it then my first post, of many I hope". Now it's of to bed, just me and O'Malley (our new kitten) listing to the rain. I think winter is here.

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