Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life Lessons....

I had barely put my foot in the door tonight when the kids bombarded me with news about blood and babies and cutting the stomach open.... all very jumbled and hard to understand.

Turns out that they had witnessed their first cesarean section today... luckily it was on a cow and not a human being. They were suitably impressed. Riley especially with the vet for first sticking his whole arm up the cow's bum to feel where the calf was before doing the cesarean. Then she wanted to know if it's the same for humans, do the doctors also have to stick their arms up your bum to feel where the baby is before cutting the baby out the mommy's tummy? (Rourke was born by cesarean so they know that babies can be cut out of the mommy's tummy. We haven't yet covered natural birth yet.)

Cliff was not so impressed with it, said it was rather gross. I thought it might have made them want to become a vet but Riley wants to be a teacher and Rourke wants to be a racing car driver....

Needless to say life on the farm is teaching the kids quite a bit. Makes me wonder what they are going to be telling me about tomorrow.

Friday, February 20, 2009

So much for the golden rule

Probably from the day after she was born Brad has been telling Riley that she will be allowed to date when she's 35 or he's dead, whichever comes first (and he has no plans to die early).

When she was 3 there was a little red-head boy at church who caught her eye. She would follow him around (he's about 3 years older than her and his parents and us used to joke about the two of them running off together. I'd say Bevan was her first love. Alas, after going away on a 2 week holiday to granny's house she was devastated, upon return, to find out how fickle a boy can be because while she had been away he had gotten a new girlfriend. That was it, her heart was broken. This callous boy of 6 had broken my girls heart.

But time heals all things and she's happy to talk about it now, if not still a bit bitter and when you ask her what daddy's rule is she will say "I can have a boyfriend when I'm 40" (Que rolling of the eyes)

Yesterday on the drive home the following conversation took place:

Riley: (in a dreamy voice)"You know what mommy?
Me: "What Riles?"
Riley: (still in the same dreamy voice)"I'm in Love"
Me: "What?"
Riley: "I'm in love"
Me: "With who?"
Riley: "A boy" (duh! not said but clearly said in by her tone of voice)
Me: "A boy in your class? Rafael? (she's been to his birthday party recently) or Alejandro ?(also a boy's at who's house there was a play date not to long ago)?
Riley: "mmmmh I don't know, I just had it in my head but Rourke took the name out of my head"
Me: "Hey Tige put the name back in your sisters head"
Tiger: "ok here you go and points his hands at his sisters head gjoop! all done"
Riley: :"Juliano" (said in dreamy voice and with a dreamy look on her face)
Me: But Riley what about daddy's rule?"
Riley: "I know, I know, no dating till I'm 40 ..... but his lips taste like strawberries"
Me: "How do you know that?" (no shock here, I'm as cool as a cucumber)
Riley: "He kissed me, on the lips"

Good thing it was her grandfather driving and not her dad he might have driven into something. I wonder if I should tell him about this before he gets back from South Africa or over the phone while he's still there?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

General Update .... no news

I feel really bad for not having written in ages, it's part being too busy and part being too lazy.

So while I'm watching a bit of tv I thought I'd take the laptop and catch you up with what's been happening.

1. O'Mally is back... thank goodness. It turns out that Brad had locked O'Mally up in the shed without realizing it. Cliff (Brad's brother) had to go get something in the shed after about 9 days and there he was. Shame the poor thing was really traumatized. But, after a couple of bowls of food and some loving attention he's back to normal.

2. Brad is going back to SA to sort out some stuff for the Granite business he's opening. We're not sure if it's going to be for 2 or 3 weeks yet. Life is going to be very different without him here. We have quite a routine worked out.

3. Cliff is going back to SA. We've loved having him here. He's been here since early December and we've really enjoyed having him here. Now we're just hoping he gets his studies sorted out so he can come back in August.

4. My parents are going back to South Africa. Indefinitely. My mom is really not happy about it but on the other hand if she wants to be with my dad it's the only thing for her to do. Hopefully my dad will be able to sort out his business and life so they can come back and settle here permanently.

Well, that's about it in a nutshell, not much else to tell.