Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The big tooth fairy / mouse debate

Riley lost another tooth today, and on the way home tonight her and Rourke had this whole discussion with me about the tooth fairy vs the tooth mouse.

She wanted to know if the tooth fairy or the tooth mouse was going to bring her some money. Then she told me that there best friend Caroline did not only get 2 euro from the tooth fairy but she also got a book. Well now, I did not have a book to throw in so I was racking my brain to come up with a good reason why the tooth fairy / mouse would not have a book for her....

Rourke solved it by asking how a tiny little fairy would be able to carry money and a book.... which lead to the two of them discussing that a fairy might not be able to carry a book but a mouse could carry a book on it's back.

This debate lasted the entire trip home (a good half & hour) and it was declared that she would only get money since we're not sure that there will be a mouse around to help carry a book and should it rain the fairy will not be able to fly so she'll have to get a lift on the back of a mouse which means that the mouse will not be able to carry a book and a fairy carrying the money on it's back.


O and then they told me that their cousin's in South Africa said that the tooth fairy / mouse does not exist and that it's really the parents who swap the tooth for money and then when you are big they will give the teeth back to you.

Well that's the cousin's for you, as for my kids they still firmly believe in the tooth fairy / mouse, Santa, the Easter bunny, St Nicolas and Jack Frost

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